Marie Redonnet Bibliography

following an arrangement not unsuggestive of the fanatic temple of which I am laboriously reconstructing the plan day after day, through repetitions, contradictions, and omissions.
(Alain Robbe-Grillet, Topology of a Phantom City)

Photograph by John Foley, from the Éditions de Minuit catalog, Winter 1988.


General Information

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Biographical Information

Born Martine L'hospitalier on October 19, 1948. Redonnet is her mother's maiden name. Met Jacques Géraud, who would become her husband, at age 20.

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Obtaining Books

French Editions

French editions may be very hard to find locally, but the excellent Schoenhof's Foreign Books in Cambridge, Massachusetts has a very nice web page with a database of books. Note that some books in the database may not be in stock, and other books in stock may not be not in the database.

English Editions

If you can't find the books in a local bookstore, they can be ordered direct from the publisher, University of Nebraska Press, or from a mail order bookstore such as Books.

Translations on this Web Page

For passages from her works, I have used the published English translations if they are available. Otherwise the translations are my own. Translations of the back covers of the French editions are all my own. Let me know if you find any errors.


The story as written up in an article in The Globe starts off like a fairy-tale.....
(Alain Robbe-Grillet, Recollections of the Golden Triangle)

P.O.L, Short Stories

(1986) Doublures (contes)

Minuit, Triptych

(1986) Splendid Hôtel (roman)
(1987) Forever Valley (roman)
(1987) Rose Mélie Rose (roman)

Gallimard, Novella

(1990) Silsie (conte)

P.O.L, Novels

(1992) Candy Story (roman)
(1994) Nevermore (roman)


(1996) Villa Rosa

Grasset, Novel

(2000) L'accord de paix (roman)



(1985) Le Mort & Cie (poésie)



(1988) Tir & Lir (théâtre)
(1989) Mobie-Diq (théâtre)
(1992) Seaside (théâtre)


(1994) Le Cirque Pandor, suivi de Fort Gambo (théâtre)



(2000) Jean Genet, le poète travesti (essai)

Other Writings

[Redonnet 87] Redonne après maldonne
in L'infini 19 (Été 1987). Special issue titled Où en est la littérature? pp. 160-3.
An account of how Redonnet became a writer. In French.
[Redonnet 88] REDONNET, Marie (1948-...)
in Le dictionnaire littérature française contemporaire, edited by Jérome Garcin. Éditions François Bourin, 1988. ISBN 2-87686-021-X. pp. 358-9.
Brief autobiography written in the third person. In French.
[Redonnet 94] The Story of the Triptych
in Rose Mellie Rose, University of Nebraska Press, 1994. pp. 111-20.
In English, translated by Jordan Stump.


[Interview 94] Interview: Jordan Stump and Marie Redonnet
in Forever Valley, University of Nebraska Press, 1994. pp. 103-13.
In English, translated by Jordan Stump.

Adaptations of Redonnet's Work

(2000) Forever Valley (opéra)
Based on the novel.  Music by Gérard Pesson.  Directed by Frédéric Fisbach.  Played at the Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers from April 25 to May 20, 2000.  I did not see it.  Here are some web pages with more information:
Web page 1
Web page 2
Web page 3
Web page 4
There are others as well if you search.

Works about Redonnet

I gathered this list of articles about Redonnet back in 1996, when not much had been written about her.  Now I suspect there's a lot more, and I hope to update this some day.  If you have any additions please let me know.

[Bellour 87] Une Mythologie blanche
by Raymond Bellour, in Magazine Littéraire, Vol 245, 1987. p. 65.
In French. I haven't seen this yet.
[Fallaize 92] Filling in the Blank Canvas: Memory, Inheritance and Identity in Marie Redonnet's Rose Mélie Rose
by Elizabeth Fallaize, in Forum for Modern Language Studies, Vol. 28, No. 4, 1992. pp. 320-34.
In English.
[Gingrass 93] Check-Out Time at the Splendid Hôtel: Marie Redonnet's New Mythological Space
by Katharine Gingrass-Conley, in Neophilogus, Vol 77, No. 1, 1993. pp. 51-9.
In English.
[Leclerc 89] Autour de Minuit
by Yvan Leclerc, in Dalhousie French Studies, Vol. 17, Fall-Winter 1989. pp. 63-74.
Overview of the newer Éditions de Minuit authors Bon, Echenoz, Redonnet, and Toussaint. In French.
[Motte 94] Redonnet's Symmetries
by Warren Motte, in French Forum, Vol. 19. No. 2, May 1994. pp. 215-28.
Examination of the play Tir & Lir. In English.
[Prévost 90] Profil: Marie Redonnet
by Claude Prévost and Jean-Claude Lebrun, in Nouveaux Territoires romanesques, Messidor/Éditions Sociales, 1990. p. 198.
In French. I haven't seen this yet.
[Stump 94] Translator's Introduction
by Jordan Stump to Hôtel Splendid, University of Nebraska Press, 1994. pp. v-ix.
Brief and valuable introduction to Redonnet. In English.
[Stump 95] Separation and Permeability in Marie Redonnet's Triptych
by Jordan Stump in French Forum, Vol. 20, No. 1, January 1995. pp. 105-19.
In English.
[Went 93] Écrire le conte de fées: l'oeuvre de Marie Redonnet
by Yvette Went-Daoust, in Neophilogus, Vol 77, No. 3, 1993. pp. 387-94.
In French. I haven't seen this yet.

Other Web Pages with Redonnet Information


I have provided links to the main homepages of each publisher, since they tend to move information around so more detailed links break.  You should be able to search for Redonnet from the main page.

  • P.O.L.
  • Les Éditions de Minuit (no web page?)
  • Éditions Gallimard
  • Flohic Éditions (no web page?)
  • Éditions Grasset & Fasquelle
  • University of Nebraska Press
  • Others

    These are a few I've found.  Use your favorite search engine to see what's been added recently.

  • P.O.L bibliography: A nice listing of Redonnet's works and some works about her.  Particularly interesting is that translations into various languages of each of her works are mentioned.
  • University of Nebraska student newspaper article: Apparently written 11/7/95.  Information about Redonnet's visit to the school.  Very interesting.

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