Electronic version written July 4, 1995.
HTML version written July 5-6, 1995.
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In the Wake of Poseidon

May 18, 1983

In the Wake of Poseidon

side one

Peace--A Beginning

     beginning there was me & I was graduated yippee! all overwith
but more to come.  And after resting and resping eye kamin here, 2
catheeeedral yes, dear caho, too further minown 'trests etc. & par
chance larn somethin  BUT as thinks willways be known theyze dint
turnround expected no.  Therewas ?of looks&looks'll allaways be?
&such was meye experience.  Sollum was her name and Solemn I was
& ruined as well.  And thus floodrush came upon n whatelse bablyhoo
dunno who what/you do? hm? etc.  &thusbeginsourtale.

Pictures of a City
including 42nd at Treadmill

     Snapsnap lookeehere.  What have I found?  manyprobs but no
solns and what you say?  "Myabilitytocommunicateissomewhatlackingno
noneetallet.al."  So therewas none.  YOU know?  And theglickyglicks
sanderstamped allover vrything hmmmmm.  doremifasolatedo.
     Shall we count?  Won, the real injun.  &sollie was there.
Cappuzzo2, but thatslater.  wayany:yes:wellidon't rembermuch else
Too what was? no/don't thinkee. tree,hmmmm mymem quitegone. nonethe-
lesser, fore.  Oh yes!  typetypelosegradehmmmm.  forgetit. fryveoh--
Recall,+-+=. Yes!there!&nextbut further and further and further
until....out                 styx, je sais, but sanssol hum. But
halfthere... but thatslater.  &lastbutnotleastservum.  all there
nicenice genre etc.

stillnow!  I want to remember this moment forever.  ohyoumoveditsonebigblur

Cadence and Cascade

     Yesayes till recull r 1t conversion:

Sool:  Hullo.
Fool:  Aujourd'hui.
Sool:  What's your name?

Fool:  Je parle du lait.
Sool:  How do you do?
Fool:  Je ne parle pas français.
Sool:  I remember you from some other class.
Fool:  Les livres sont sur la table.
Sool:  Are you saying something?
Fool:  (disparate by now)  Cela ne veux rien dire!
Sool:  Well, I'll see you later.
Fool:  (thouroughfarely embarsed)  Je ne suis pas?

     Like water we flowed on.  whence came and allasameallatimeanyway.
But:  whereforeartthousand?  Losing, losing.  ohwell,

In the Wake of Poseidon
including Libra's Theme

     indentonetwothreefourfive.  We're going nowhere.  Sollum, mafi
Sollum.  nohere?  mafimagnificent.  but...fading new:Halfaya Pass.
bye,sollie meetagain.
     Sollum ltwt.  But hallie well, well, well, uno.  Fust the PAT
building, building
          heading for the BPLrising.  Analytical, like:

REMember how it was?
Why?            'well, we can always state the stature
discovery       'Hmmm, should not never
falling         'logical, but forevermore clearance down
31              'irrevelant here
opus            'But of course!
past            'definitive now, improper later, then then
plays           'see "discovery"
ejofpqjf        'now that makes cents!

  But next year....

side two

Peace--A Theme

Cat Food

     PAT first, of coarse, then
BPL Rising
tictictic said the toc
and squack
you're almost dead
don't talk
just sit back and watch your world be destroyed
you may think you can change things
but you can't
you have no control now
so just
give up trying
give up hope
because  whatever you do it's gonna be
BPL Rising

you! worldshatterer
gonna raise the dead
you're not so hot
gonna die like the rest
there's no escape from fate
because the trigger's been pulled
because the trap has been tripped
because  whatever you do it's gonna be
BPL Rising

etc., i'm sure.  That's the way (it was) Flunkie of life, never wanted
this trash.  3 years!  o,i couldgointo ALL the detailsbut...nonono
2yes2 pained was the sun and etc.  So the page is turned.

The Devil's Triangle

     Ah, but triangles so nice!  Not this one, caught in the very
devil hisself.  caphaltaa.  And always lose, always.  out! i want.
But no, rather into the depths of your depression.

Monday Morn

Awaken, kraken!  See the vast mist of the undertow, your headheldhigh,
overview the hillsandtrees, overhill the view.  Offal sights but who
wears quells aromak  huh?  Rumpletalkarkowmujeghopqezxebccebrayou-
takaroundalliywxroemnatyyywqrstuvwxyzabbababaababababbacalla!  Up
u swine!  School!
nonoohnonoohnononopleasenoohnonoohnononono (etc.)
yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes (etc.)

Hand of Sceiron

les autres--makekamamagratemeancrinakilima&u2Sol, ureuneautremaintenant
1message:  SAVEME!  what?
cannot uhere?  perhaps...never spoken loud enough nevernever
land hmmmm.  2latenow, over sinking/sinking....

Garden of Worm

Lookee here!  The reliks of being!  The trill of destruction!
A fined specimen:  4yrs, no warranttee.  Search warantee, mebbe.
Dust&dirt, not much more.  Methylethylethene.  Victim of poison.
Victime of life.  Typicalcase.  Next!
   Here, the flours of ages, stamped holy groundcovered ours shaken
lifes flow around peaceful, like forward and when, all done and said,
came back again to and frow and likewise said, too young to live but
furthermore improvements continue this sector and life improved whence
came the destroyers flowering buds allwrappedaround nonsense and no
meaning ensued in the resultant program but the speaker of the home
once said for hells sake lets clean up the sewers and then for an
encore the saharra dessert but rather the clicketyclick rathered

gnosticism antricism polycism albanism! and that's the ways thats
goes when the ballfalls and the ground breaks and the chaos leaps
up and mangles the words of wisdom just YOU be sure whats going on
high ways word iness ter ra ffled from the ghost of the most cereal
and waywardways but allaways gone to calculated paths leading from
the highest mountains to the crumbling wreckage below.  déjà vu
déjà vu  déjà vu  déjà vu  déjà vu  déjà vu  déjà vu  déjà vu  déjà
vu  déjà vu  déjà vu  déjà vu  déjà vu  déjà vu  déjà vu  déjà vu

Peace--An End

     nowthat the candle has burned out, and the end passed.
Look back, like what u sea?  nonononononononononononononononononononononono
     Go change the world.  Ukinsi you tri-.
     I   look back   and
I say "Nonono, never again, it's never gonna be like that again.
It will be different; it WILL be different."
     And prepareprepare, and prepareprepare.  And the funsummer ends,
a micromillipiconanocentidecisecond after it begins, andipac andileave
andigo to the great collage and in the