Background for the background music

This music, which previously had the poetic title "96/12/11 GM 97/03/01" was originally written December 11, 1996 with the GM version being made February 2, 1997 and further revisions done March 1, 1997. I decided on the final name "Look vs Time" sometime in April, 1998.

The song is my own composition, and was written using my Roland JV-90 keyboard synthesizer and Opcode's Studio Vision 3.0 sequencer. I created a simple rhythm section, and then two simple melodies to go with it. I then tried playing everything at once, and was surprised to find that the melodies harmonized pretty well.

The original sounds used for the two melody lines were A.Piano2 and MIDIed Grand on the JV-90. The February 2 version was done using the builtin sounds in Quicktime 2.5, which are pretty terrible. I later bought a Roland PMA-5, which has a tone generator that is essentially a Sound Canvas, and found it sounded quite bad on that, so I fixed it up on March 1. It still doesn't sound great in Quicktime, though. I also removed some of the notes from the first melody that were duplicated in the second--this improved the overall quality for the most part but a few places sound slightly worse. Certainly this needs more work.

(Notes writen 3/14/97.)

(Postscript 2/8/98): I originally used a simple Javascript to determine if the browser supported MIDI, but this script is no longer correct and the recent versions of Netscape and IE both support MIDI in any case.

(Postscript 2/25/98): A revised version was put up today, in which I removed some spurious patch change commands (which were reponsible for timing problems) and changed the primary two sounds to Music Box and Vibraphone.

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