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Photograph taken March 10, 2009 by Elke Teichmann.

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Hello there. My name is John Leo and I am a senior software engineer at Maana in Bellevue, Washington.

Before that I was a software development engineer at Amazon Web Services in Seattle, Washington and a senior software engineer at Expedia in Bellevue, Washington.

Before that I was a math teacher at Castilleja School in Palo Alto, Calfornia.  My course web pages are still available.

Just prior to that I completed the PhD program in pure Mathematics at UCLA.  My area is number theory and I wrote my thesis under Bill Duke.
My UCLA homepage has my course schedules on it.

Before that I worked at Oracle and then at Siebel Systems in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And before that I was a graduate student in the MIT EECS Department. I used to work at the Laboratory for Computer Science in the Theory of Computation group.  My interests included algorithms and cryptography.  This page and many of the subpages were originally created around 1994 and located at MIT, but my account there has gone away long ago, so I've moved it here.

I am married to Kyoko and we have a son Kyle.

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John Leo