Summer 2009 Hikes and Climbs

I did so much during Summer 2009 that I didn't have time to write trip reports, although I did take pictures whose captions serve as mini trip reports.  This page organizes them.  All were in Washington save the first two which were in Los Angeles and the second two which were in Oregon.

  1. Mount Baldy, May 30.  My favorite hike in LA; this was my 8th time to climb it and the 7th by the Baldy Bowl/Devil's Backbone loop.  I went up and down as fast as I could this time:  1:44 up, 0:11 on top, 1:08 down, 3:03 total.  Then lunch at Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi.
  2. Boney Mountain, May 31.  An "adventure hike" with Jim Ralston in the Santa Monica Mountains.  No captions on the pictures, and my camera was broken so unfortunately many of them were lost.
  3. Lassen Peak, June 16
  4. Crater Lake, June 17.  We didn't really hike here.  I wanted to hike to the top of the Watchman but the trail was closed due to snow.
  5. Mount Hood, June 18.  I started to write a trip report but didn't have time to write much.
  6. Beacon Rock, Columbia River Gorge, June 19.  Again due to the broken camera all pictures were lost.  We'll have to go back!
  7. Ape Cave, Mount Saint Helens area, June 19.  Almost all pictures lost.  Kyoko, Kyle and I went the length of the lower cave and Kyle and I did much (but not all) of the upper cave.
  8. Pearly Gates, Leavenworth, June 25
  9. Mount Si, June 29
  10. Mailbox Peak and Little Si, July 1
  11. Far Side, Exit 38, July 2
  12. Mount Si, July 3
  13. Zig Zag Wall, Vantage, July 7
  14. Snoqalmie Falls and Twin Falls, July 9
  15. Snow Lake and Guye Peak, July 11
  16. Enchantment Lakes and Little Annapurna, July 13
  17. Longs Pass, July 14
  18. Dungeness Sand Spit and Hurricane Ridge, July 16
  19. Hoh Rain Forest and Kalaloch Beach, July 17
  20. Mount Baker, July 20-21
  21. Granite Mountain, July 26
  22. Mount Rainier, July 28-29
  23. Orcas Island, August 6-8
  24. Beacon Rock, August 15.  We went back!