OKAMOTO Takehiro

The current picture of me on my homepage, added 5/2/2009, was taken by Elke Teichmann, a student at Castilleja School where I teach.  This was for the senior theme for junior/senior rivalry, although it was a secret at the time, so she told me it was for the yearbook.  Elke told me to make as mean and scary a face as I could, and this is the best I could come up with.  The picture came out well, and it's rare for me to find pictures of myself that come out decently, so I decided to finally replace the 10 year old picture of myself that had been there before, and which to my dismay continued over most of those years to elicit comments that it looked nothing like me.  My students just a couple days ago encouraged me to update the picture, one of them (Amy Klivans) declaring that the picture looked as different from me as two white men could look.

The previous picture of me

was taken when I visited Okamoto Takehiro, a friend from when I worked at Matsushita, in Yokohama on December 6, 1998. The picture was taken by Okamoto-san with my new Olympus CAMEDIA D-400Z digital camera (the Japanese equivalent is C-900Z) and was later cropped by myself.

Here is a picture of Okamoto-san and his wife Kazumi from October 20, 2001 when they visited us in Palo Alto.  The picture was taken on Borel Hill in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


Okamoto-san also took pictures of me and the main course using his first digital camera (I believe Olympus CAMEDIA C-400L) when we went to all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu together in November, 1996. I used those pictures on my homepage during 1997. Note that the flash didn't go off for either picture so they are both too dark.

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